ENVA, a comprehensive digital services agency, takes experience and information as the basis for its business and services. ENVA is owned by the non-profit Foundation INGEV, which adopts the idea of ​​providing services that contribute to developing the knowledge and projects of entrepreneurs and helping them achieve what they aim for. ENVA is in the first place a social entrepreneurship project , that provides digital and advertising services with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Video production is one of the services of ENVA, the company is currently shooting and producing videos for the Vibio channel, which has more than 1.3 million followers on the YouTube platform. Vibio channel is one of the few YouTube channels that was able to achieve this number of follow-ups with competing useful and entertaining content 

ENVA oversees the video creation process in all its details, according to endless creative and high-quality standards. ENVA specializes in developing video content and takes into consideration the needs of work and entertainment. It converts this visual content into video through photography, montage and post production services afterwards.

ENVA has proven its competence and professionalism in digital marketing through the projects it has implemented with INGEV. ENVA has managed digital marketing campaigns in Turkey and abroad, developing content, developing websites and creating and managing professional social media pages. All these services are provided by ENVA with high professionalism and in three languages: Arabic, Turkish and English, focusing on addressing the target segment in their mother tongue. ENVA ensures that all of its services are effective. Measuring business impact is an integral part of the business itself.


To be a social entrepreneurship which is able to provide and implement creative services that make a difference and advance the customer and his work.


Significant and influential development of the digital capacity of entrepreneurs, which contributes to a social renaissance.