Knowing the mechanisms and foundations by which search engines operate helps us understand their algorithms and adopt methods that enable us to take advantage of the properties of search engines to be able to strengthen the benefit of our web pages. 

One of these features is the “SEO” which means “search engine optimization”. The SEO feature relies on writing articles and phrases in which we use keywords, raising the ranking of our web pages to be among the first pages when the browser searches for something on the search engines. These articles can be in the form of common questions. When we wonder about something, we go to the Internet and write the question that crosses our minds. The SEO process needs follow-up and business continuity. 

It is not possible to write one time, leave it and wait for results from it. We must continually develop, improve and keep content fresh in order to match keywords on an ongoing basis. We are here to ensure the continuation of this work of ranking your web pages for your benefit. We also measure the performance of your sites using other features and tools offered by Google.

ENVA is keen to provide quality services that make your web page appear on the top pages of search engines and provide you with performance reports for your websites working to improve your digital presence continuously.