The number of internet users increased by 7% (298 million) to reach 5.54 billion active users in 2020 compared to 2019. 83.7% of internet users (3.8 billion) using social media actively all over the world. Through marketing on social media platforms, you can reach the segment that matches your business goal, your services and your products, wherever they are in this world. You can increase your sales, increase the number of views of your videos, and introduce your products through social media ads. You can also direct customers from social media sites to your private web pages.

We evaluate advertisements and their impact on the audience through periodic reports. ENVA carries out careful research about your business, your products, the services you provide, and the target group you aim to reach in order to develop a meaningful and comprehensive digital marketing plan that contains all the details such as the platform to be used, the type of ads, regions and target groups, supporting this plan with reports that prove its success and provides the possibility to evaluate this progress upon the completion.